Ziegler Mirage

Innovative look for the enchanting oriental-inspired carpet line

September arrives with a breathe of change into the oriental carpets’ environment: Ziegler Mirage reinvents itself, showing off a completely fresh look that elicits an impalpable and oneiric atmosphere from each woollen tuft.

The dainty palette, in denim blue and cream hues, reveals a multifaceted nuances and an iridescent appearance, determining a new concept of colour; the stylized and intricate decorative design fills the whole surface in a harmonic embrace, and the frame gains more importance.

Entirely realized in pure wool, this astonishing hand knotted carpet is capable to conquer a special place into the home furnishing, thanks to its extraordinary versatility that makes it suitable for both classic and modern living spaces and its possibility to be adapted in different sizes.

Will you take the challenge to update your assortment?