Kilim, one of the most esteemed carpet family, faces an amazing seasonal change

Autumn always carries a deeper contact with the nature, the balance, the peaceful feeling after the explosion of colours and joy of the summertime.

This research of harmony finds its stylish expression in your home with the Kilim Natural: 100% pure wool, hand twisted and not treated to preserve the intrinsic features, this charming carpet guarantees a high quality and a safe ecological impact.

Its typical processing slot technique and stylized geometrical design are a must for Kilims; the alluring news is the surprising personality of the new chromatic range, which exalts the beige, grey and cream as the main nuances. The hue maintains a very natural effect thanks to the pure wool, enhancing the power of the essentiality.

Relaxing, intriguing, perfectly fitting: this fall, let yourself be captured by Kilim’s simplicity.