Vista collection

Debut of VISTA Collection, the attractive and definitively practical new assortment designed for the kitchen

Photography and contemporary style lovers will adore the astonishing look of the fresh VISTA Collection, a new born surprise at ABC Italia.

This new selection introduces accent mats with a genial idea to enrich and personalize the kitchen: the huge choice of the available designs is composed by HD quality pictures, from 600 to 1000 dpi, one more beautiful and intriguing than the other and existing in various sizes to fit in every furnishing solution.

These rugs are entirely realized in Vinyl, an efficient material easy to handle and care, impermeable to water and stains, wear resistant and long-lasting, smooth and adherent on the floor for a more comfortable and stable placement.

Take the chance to make your assortment unique and more stylish: require the VISTA Catalogue right now!

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