Welcome to ABC Italia, the melting point between carpet culture and interior decoration

"I canĀ“t stop marvel at the beauty.
Every moment and place says:
'Put this design in your carpet!' "

(Rumi, 13th-century)

Ambition, creativity and culture: these are the essential elements that turned the ancient art of carpet weaving into the mission of a family. This passion has become the ground on which Mr. Sultan Amini established in 1962 the Amini Brothers Company, or ABC.

Based on values like human relationship and social responsibility, our company is a market leader in the production and sale of classic and modern carpets, covering a wide market segment for each kind of request, from mid-market to interior design and luxury.


The satisfaction of each customer is our goal that we intend to achieve through high quality products, precious and sought materials ensuring a professional service and a constant update of the proposals.

We can rely on our solid pillars:

Control over the entire work process

Design, production, import, distribution and customer support: we believe that taking care of every stage of the life of the carpet is a guarantee of quality.

Experience and professionalism for over 50 years

Family values are maintained and handed down with passion and dedication. Maintaining the balance between innovation and tradition involves a daily commitment that stimulates us to continuous improvement.

Wide range of products and customized solutions

Our brands have been created to satisfy every taste and requirement of the global market. Furthermore, we are specialized in the production of customizable items guaranteeing an excellent quality-price ratio.

Immediate availability for an efficient service

A large warehouse area allows us to guarantee a wide range always available and a qualified service, managing orders from all over the world.